Ender 3 V2, new 3D Printer from Creality

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The Ender 3 released in 2018 is probably the most popular 3D printer of the moment, but it is getting old compared to the new machines of the competitors.

This Ender 3 V2 is an improved version of Creality’s best-seller, announced in April 2020, at a price of $269 or about 230€. So it is about 60$ more expensive than the Ender 3, but what are the new features and differences between the Ender 3 and the Ender 3 V2?

If there’s one thing we could reproach to the Ender 3, it’s that it was far from being silent, compared to other machines, indeed the Ender3 being equipped with A4988 drivers, many users ended up replacing the original motherboard by a motherboard equipped with TMC2208/2209.

Creality, which proposes an upgrade motherboard for the Ender3, has decided this time to integrate the Ender3 V2 with a new motherboard equipped with TMC2208 drivers, our ears should appreciate!

Another improvement of this Ender3 V2, a new 4.3-inch color screen that displays more information than the old screen, this screen is not against touch.

Just like the Ender3X, this Ender3 V2 is also equipped with an ultrabasic glass plate, I really appreciate this type of plate which has a very good hot grip, without glue, and once the plate is cooled down, the parts are very easy to remove.

Another new feature is the addition of belt tensioners with a knob, I had already been able to do this kind of improvement on an Ender 3, it is true that it is really very practical, it is a good idea to have them integrated in series.

Creality has also added a toolbox integrated to the chassis of the Ender 3 V2, to store pliers, allen wrench etc… I must admit that it would be very useful, I never know where I stored these tools.

Finally, the heater block has also been improved, with a new cage design, which is very similar to the one of the Creality CR-10 V2.

All in all these updates are really interesting, enough to catch up with competing machines, we highly appreciate the addition of a silent motherboard in series. I like the design of this new machine, with the new screen and the improved heater block.

The rate is relatively interesting, announced at  $269 from official store, out of promotion. A first series has already been sold, the new stock for Europe should be available for August.

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