Ender 5 Plus, CR10 V2, CR10 Max, CP-01…. the Creality new products for the new season!

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While you were on holiday quietly at the beach you may have missed the announcements of the Creality news, and they are many!

New 3D printers have been announced in the last 2 months, but also a 3-in-1 hybrid printer and some accessories!

CR10 Max, Ender 5 plus, CR10 V2, CP-01, 3d viewer, 3d scanner… Creality wants to sell us XXL, you can start saving for Christmas!

UPDATE : Addition of the CR10 V2

The CR10 V2

The CR-10, which was for a long time Creality’s best seller, was gradually becoming obsolete by comparing it now with competing machines.

Creality has therefore reviewed its product, and now offers an update of this it, there are many new features:
– New Creality 2.5.2 motherboard with TMC2208 (silent)
– Triangle reinforcement
– Power supply 24v 350w
– Metal extruder, with switch system to switch from bowden to direct drive
– Cooling of the printing area with dual fan

The printing surface is always the same, and the electronics are always in a separate case, convenient for those who want to put their printer in a box with the electronics remote.

The advertised selling price is $499, or about 450€, a reasonable price considering the upgrades that have been added.

The CR10-Max

Just by the name, we can already imagine what it is all about, after the CR10S Pro, and to replace the rather old CR10 S4/S5 range, Creality offers us this machine with a very large printing volume of 450x450x470mm.

It has many of the same features as the CR10S Pro, but is therefore distinguished by:
– A BL Touch autoleveling sensor
– Triangular reinforcements for better stability
– A double power supply (750w dedicated to the heating plate)

The CR10Max is already available, at $999 on the official Creality store (stock Europe)

The Ender 5 Plus

Just announced, the Ender 5 Plus is the big sister of the Ender 5, which is gradually beginning to be successful. It is therefore an FDM printer on a cube frame (it is always a Cartesian and not a core xy) but this time with a larger printing volume.

New features on the Ender5 Plus compared to the Ender 5:
– Printing volume of 350x350x400mm (compared to 235x235x300mm for the Ender5)
– BL Touch autoleveling sensor (none on the Ender5)
– Filament end detector
– Touch screen display
– Double motor for the Y axis
– Double threaded rod on Z axis
– 550w power supply
– Ultrabase type tray (not glued)

I am still waiting for some information on the exact reference of the motherboard (equipped with TMC or not?).

This cube structure allows a higher printing speed to be achieved without loss of quality, between 80-100mm/sec.

The Ender5 Plus is already available at $549, only with a stock in China on the official website, Creality has announced to me that a European stock should be available by the end of August.

The CP-01

Not to be confused with C3-PO, is a rather special hybrid machine, it is a 3D printer, a laser engraver and a CNC.

This is the first time Creality has offered this type of machine, in the same way as the Snapmaker that could be pre-ordered on kickstarter.

The working surface is 200x200mm (200mm for 3D height), the machine is quite compact overall.

To change functions, simply replace the module in a matter of seconds.

No date announced, no price for the moment, hoping that it will be accessible to the general public!

Even if the volume in 3D printing of 200×200 is not a dream, the laser and CNC engraving functions are really interesting and complementary to 3D printing.

The 3d Viewer

You may be looking for a solution to monitor your printing remotely, but a simple IP camera is too limited, or octoprint is too complicated for you? The 3d viewer is therefore the solution for you!

It is an IP camera, which you can control via your smartphone, but which also connects to the 3D printer and therefore offers the possibility to control the printer (Start printing, preheat, move the axes…).

I was able to get one of these cameras currently in test, the image quality is really very nice! The printer’s control functions are also a plus compared to my old IP camera, also works perfectly in night vision.

This camera is not yet sold by Creality directly, although it can be found at some retailers such as Gearbest, Creality is still working to improve the mobile application which still has some minor bugs before really communicating on this product.

The 3d Scanner

A 3D scanner is probably one of the most interesting accessories to a 3D printer.

This product is not a simple 3d scanner, it is actually a complete solution with a 7-inch touch screen (2k resolution) running under Android. In addition to the scanner function, it also includes a video projection system.

Allows to scan objects of 30x20x25cm, with an accuracy of 0.1mm.

No availability date announced, the price should be around 1000$.

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