Installation of an official Silent board Creality on the Ender3/pro

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You have an Ender3 or an Ender 3 pro, or even an Ender 5, and you are looking to improve it, to make it silent?

In this article I will introduce you to a simple ugrade to realize, the installation of a silent Creality card.

Some users choose to replace their Ender 3 card completely, for example under an MKS gen L card, there are a lot of tutorials on Youtube on this subject, but adding this type of card requires other physical modifications on the printer and also to put your hands in the configuration of a Marlin.

Maybe this type of operation scares you, and you are looking for something more “plug&play”, Creality now offers a solution!

Creality now offers for sale a silent card directly available in their official shop, this card is intended for Ender3, Ender 3 pro and Ender 5, and will therefore not be compatible for a CR10/S for example (at least Creality does not provide any documentation for this type of installation, but this must be possible, at least on the simple CR10).

Initially Creality had chosen to give him the version number 1.1.4, the same number as the cards already found in the last Ender3 and Ender3 pro factory, except that it was a very different card, so there were 2 versions: the 1.1.4 “classic” and the 1.1.4 “silent”.

However, it was indeed a card only available as an upgrade, none of the machines are equipped with this “silent” version by default. This will probably happen one day, or perhaps on a future “Ender 3 pro V2”, but this is not the case at the moment.

To avoid more confusion, Creality has just renamed this card to 1.1.5, it is almost the same as the old 1.1.4 “silent”.

But why else would this card make your Ender 3 quieter?
Creality has simply installed by default TMC2208 drivers on this card, it will neither be more powerful, nor will it have any available memory, it is indeed an 8-bit card, which will have the same firmware as the 1.1.3 and 1.1.4 “classic” versions.

Speaking of firmware, this card is of course sold with a firmware already pre-installed, pre-configured for the Ender 3, which makes it totally plug&play, you won’t need to worry about compiling a Marlin. Creality has also chosen to install a bootloader as a base, which will also make it easier to flash the card without having to use an Arduino UNO for example.

Anyway, enough talk about the card presentation, let’s see what it looks like in real life.

First of all you will have to open the case of your Ender 3 and unscrew it from the chassis, please identify the location of each connector and each wire, a little advice take a picture before you start disconnecting everything!

The most “annoying” part, if I may, will be to remove all the glue points, in order to be able to disconnect each cable.

If we then look at the 2 boards, we notice that they are identical.

To install the board, nothing complicated, you plug it back in just like the previous one, no need to put some glue points back in, it won’t move 🙂

Of course this operation must be carried out with the power supply completely disconnected.

Once everything is back in place, you turn on the machine, and that’s it!

I will give you the details of the disassembly/assembly steps, even without being a big handyman this card replacement is easy to do.

A small comparative test of the sound level on the movements of a “auto home” without the silent card, and after. The difference is huge! 78 decibels for the original Creality card, and 54 decibels with the silent board.

Here is also a short video preview

After this modification, you still hear the ventilation that remains quite noisy on the Ender 3, I am waiting for a replacement fan order, I will update this article when I have finished this improvement.

As a bonus, a printing result realized on the Ender 3 pro equipped with the silent board (with a version 2 of marlin in the process of being tested).

To conclude, this upgrade is really very simple to implement, the card is sold for $49 on the Creality website, or about 43€, a reasonable price for a product that is totally plug&play and that will be guaranteed by Creality.

It is likely that in time this card will become the default card on the Ender 3 or at least on the pro version, in any case one thing is for sure, it is that there is likely to be strong competition on this market the next few months, several manufacturers such as FYSETC or Bigtreetech have just announced the release of their “silent board” card for the Ender3, in 32bit version this time, nobody has yet been able to test these boards, but this should not happen too soon.

To buy this card click here

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