Review of the enclosure for Creality Ender 3

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I’m going to present you today an accessory proposed by Creality, a quick/easy to assemble enclosure for Ender 3.

Sold on the official Creality website, at the price of 89$
A price that may seem quite high, but you may not have the time to design your own box or you are not very handy.

On unpacking, you will find a 1-page leaflet, tubes of different numbered lengths, plastic fittings for the corners, and the cover.

The assembly is really very simple, it will take you less than 5min, the metal structure makes the box relatively rigid, and the “cover” is also very thick.

The transparent window at the front makes it easy to monitor the current printing process. A small trapdoor on the right side, for example, makes it possible to create a heat evacuation system for the feed.

The closed box

Another door on the top can also be used to externalize the box coil.

The size is perfectly adapted to the Ender 3, reel holder included, so this box will be compatible with all machines that are less than 49cm wide.

I tried to put an Ender5 in it, but unfortunately there is not enough room for the screen which is offset on the right side.

A small pocket also on the side to store some tools.

I’ve just ordered a small thermometer to do a print test and measure the internal temperature.

All in all, this box is of good workmanship, with quality materials. It will be very handy if you want to print ABS (plan to outsource the power supply, or a system to cool it), or simply protect your printer from dust, or print PLA in the winter in a garage.

The price of 69$, or 62,50€, a relatively high price compared to the price of the printer, but you have a turnkey solution that doesn’t need to be a great handyman, or for a one-off solution that doesn’t take up too much space.

On sale on the official creality store

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