Review STUMP SingaSong/TwoTrees Laser Engraver

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To change from 3D printing, I will present you a small laser engraver sold by the SingaSong company, which can be a complementary machine to a 3D printer for your DIY projects!

SingaSong is a Chinese brand that also manufactures 3D printer parts, they have several references of laser engraver, including the STUMP model that I’m going to present to you today, we also find this same machine under the brand TwoTrees, the 2 brands belonging to the same company.

There are several versions with more or less powerful lasers, today we will talk about the 2.5W version, do not expect to make cuts with this type of laser, it is intended for engraving (marking) on wood mainly, or other materials, such as leather for example.

Its working surface is 17x20cm, it is equipped with a touch screen, and a SD card reader, so you can engrave in offline mode.

Concerning the software part, you will have to use a software like LaserGRBL, which is free, Windows compatible only.

Let’s continue with unpacking the machine

The machine is relatively simple to assemble, count a 20aine de minute, delivered with a power cable for France, a pair of protective glasses, and a sheet of cardboard to make your first engraving tests.

The machine is very light, so you can easily transport it.
The touch screen interface is easy to understand, even if it is in English, you have a “home” function to reposition the head to its original point, and you just have to choose “Carving” to select the file to burn on the SD card.

The most tricky part is to position your media, so that the burning starts at the right place 🙂

Caution, handling this type of engraver is dangerous without goggles, you could damage your eyesight if you watch the laser in action without goggles.

Here is what the interface of the software looks like, also available in French.

Sorry I don’t have more captures of the interface, working mainly under Mac, I had to borrow my wife’s machine to make the first tests of this machine, and I forgot to make some captures… I have to think about installing a Windows machine in the future if I want to be able to use this machine, or if you know alternatives under Mac I’m interested !

Here is a small video of the engraver in operation, the machine is relatively quiet, and the engraving is fast, it is possible to define several “passes” during an engraving, if you want to try to do cutting for example…

To conclude, this test was relatively fast, by the time I finish setting up a Windows machine to be able to do more advanced tests, it’s a shame that LaserGRBL software is not Mac compatible…

The machine is really easy to assemble, and the software simple to use, the price starts from 120€ depending on the power of the chosen laser, it remains relatively affordable, another reference with a larger working area (40x30cm) is also available, to be assembled entirely, still in the same price range, but without touch screen and the need to leave your computer connected during the engraving (an optional screen can be installed).

I find this machine very interesting, it is my very first laser engraver, now it remains to do more tests, on other materials!

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