Review Sunlu S8 3D printer, a CR10S like

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Sunlu is best known for its range of filament and 3D pens, it is one of the largest filament manufacturers in China.  Recently they have entered the 3D printer market with their S8 model.

On paper this machine is quite classic, very similar to a Creality CR10S.

Technical Data Sheet :
– Printing area 300x300x400mm
– Heating plate with glass surface (not glued)
– Dual Z-axis motor
– Filament end sensor
– Resume printing in case of interruption
– Motherboard with drivers A4988
– Unibody structure, with electronics integrated in the structure (no external housing)
– Double rail for the tray structure

Sold between 300 and 350€ on Amazon, so a lower price than a standard CR10S.

No TMC, autoveling, or magnetic platen, so if you’re looking for a machine with advanced features, this machine may not be right for you. But if you’re looking for a machine with this amount of printing volume for a reasonable budget or to be able to upgrade it at your convenience, this S8 is perfectly suited!

For the curious, here is a picture of the motherboard, it looks a lot like an MKS type card, but with the drivers soldered, there is no reference indicated on the card so it’s difficult to know the exact model.

Unpacking and assembling the Sunlu S8

The machine is completely pre-assembled, the separate 2-part structure is assembled with 4 screws, plus 4 more screws for reinforcements. This 3D printer is therefore very easy to assemble and is perfect for a beginner.
Count about 15 minutes after unpacking to be “ready-to-print”.

Careful packaging, the machine is very well protected.

The structure in 2 parts, with its accessories, and a 500g spool of white filament.

Quickly assembled, the one-block structure saves you space on your desk, unlike a CR10S and its external case, check it anyway before you have enough depth on your table/furniture!

After this assembly, you’ll have to adjust the level of the tray, using an A4 sheet, I won’t detail this procedure here, you’ll find a lot of video tutorials on Youtube !

First prints with the Sunlu S8 3D printer

This machine being very close to a CR10S, I tried for the first impression to use a gcode that I had created 1 year ago for my CR10, a Benchy, and the result is impeccable!

So for the next step, I simply used my basic CR10 profile in Simplify3D, keeping exactly the same settings.

Here is my second print, in 200° PLA (the one supplied with the printer), with a layer height of 0.15mm, at 50mm/sec, total printing time 33 hours. The result is really very clean! No defects to report. This bust Deadpool of about 20aine centimeters.

Since this test took place in the middle of Halloween, here’s another 30-hour impression.

The final result is also very clean, this Sunlu S8 really does a great job!


To conclude, I was pleasantly surprised by this machine, knowing that it is the first 3D printer of the Sunlu brand, barely unpacked and it already works very well without having made any changes or spent hours setting up a profile.

Of course it won’t make fans dream of advanced features, but if you’re looking for a relatively simple machine, this product is perfectly suited. Also suitable for beginners who have no experience in 3D printing, it is simple to assemble and use.

Speaking of upgrades, I’ve made 2 small modifications, first of all I replaced the plate springs, for “stronger” springs, and I also replaced the glass plate by a polypropylene plate.
I think I’ll see soon to replace the motherboard by a “silent board”, or add a BMG extruder.

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