Sovol SV02, a new dual extrusion machine

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Sovol is a relatively recent brand on the market, with its first machine the SV01 released in June 2019, which I had been able to test when it was released and which I was very satisfied with.

They have just released their new 3D printer model, the SV02 (we could have guessed the name), which is nothing else than a double extrusion machine, and therefore able to print in two colors.

Announced at the price of $449, or about 390€, a first wave of 30 Early Bird machines has already been sold out in a few hours, so you’ll have to wait a little if you’re interested in this machine.

For a double extrusion machine, the price of the SV02 is relatively good, especially since it is equipped with some interesting options.

Here are the details of the machine :
– Size of the tray: 240X280X300mm (in 1 color printing), 240X240X300mm in dual (it is necessary to provide space for the purge tower), with a coating of ultrabasic type
– Motherboard with silent drivers TMC2208
– MeanWell quality power supply
– 4.3-inch colour touch screen
– Dual Z-axis motor
– Resume printing in the event of a power failure
– BL Touch stand (optional)
– Micro-SD card

Compatible with Cura, Simplify 3D, or Prusa Slicer, you will have the choice to use your favorite slicer, but I advise you to choose Prusa Slicer which works perfectly for multi extrusion machines.

Contrary to the SV01 which was a direct drive machine, this SV02 is equipped with Bowden, the head would probably have been too heavy with the 2 motors on the direct drive head.

Here are some impressions made with this SV02 !

On paper this machine is therefore quite interesting, and seems to use quality components, I don’t know yet if I will have the chance to test this machine in a more or less near future, but I will keep an eye on this machine and try to negotiate you some offers on this SV02 !

For the time being it has only been announced for sale via the official Sovol store, the stock in Europe (also via their website) should be available in the coming months, maybe also via Amazon.

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