AliExpress 11th anniversary promotions from 29 March to 3 April

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To celebrate their 11th anniversary, AliExpress is proposing many promotional offers from March 29th (9am Paris time). There are of course many products related to 3D printing, with very interesting prices (equivalent to the November 11th offers).

AliExpress has sent me several promo codes, which can be combined with already discounted prices, so you can make big savings!

Here are the codes and a selection of products, you can also use these codes for any other product, even outside 3D printing.

Links to product categories
3D printers
3D Filament


FR328IM05 4€ discount from 35€
FR328SG07 7€ discount from 50€ purchase
FRPA32812 12€ discount from 100€ purchase
PASSION20 20€ discount from 160€ purchase
PASSION28 28€ discount from 210€ purchase
SUPER32840 40€ discount from 280€ purchase

Product selection (Price excluding promo code) :
Final prices will be updated on 29 March, don’t forget to deduct/apply one of the above promo codes too.

Sunlu Filament
from 16,80€ / kilo

Anycubic 3D printers
Mono X from 454€

Wash&Cure v2 from 74€

Sovol 3D printers
Sovol SV01 from 195€
SV02 from 251€
SV03 from 343€

Creality 3D printers
Ender 5 Plus from 477€
CR6-SE from 288€

Elegoo 3D printers
Elegoo Mars 2 Pro from €224
Mercury Plus from £95

Artillery 3D printers
Artillery X1 from €350
Artillery Genius from €234

Laser engravers
Ortur Lase M2 from £156

Store Fysetc
Clone MK3S from £274

Flsun QQs Pro from £249

Voxelab Proxima from 158€

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