Sovol SV01 Pro, presentation of the new Direct drive 3D printer

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Sovol continues to expand its range of 3D printers, after the Sovol SV04, here is their newest machine, the SV01 Pro. A partially assembled 3D printer kit.

This 3D printer is an evolution of the SV01, with many improvements, and should cost between $300 and $400. This printer is not yet available for sale, so we will have to wait a few more months before it is available in Europe.

Like the SV01, the SV01 Pro is a direct drive 3D printer (metal extruder), which will facilitate the printing of certain flexible filaments and its printing surface remains the same, for a volume of 280x240x300mm. It also keeps its 2 motors on the Z axis like the SV01.

This SV01 Pro is equipped with a 32bit motherboard with silent drivers of the TMC2208 type (Creality 4.2.2 motherboard), as opposed to an 8bit board for the previous generation, and is now equipped with a new generation of power supply (slim) manufactured by Creality.

Another improvement is that the SV01 Pro is equipped with a CR-Touch self-levelling sensor (Creality), which will make it easier for you to adjust the platen, and the SV01’s ultrabase printing surface is replaced by a flexible platen so that you can remove your printed models effortlessly by simply folding the platen.

There are also two belt tensioners on the X and Y axes with a thumbwheel, for quick adjustment without tools.

The SV01 Pro is also equipped with a new colour LCD touch screen, with a graphic interface that looks quite intuitive (and very colourful).

Finally, there is also a filament end sensor, just like the SV01.

On paper this SV01 Pro has everything to please, the improvements are numerous, it is true that the SV01 which came out in 2019 deserved an overhaul to face the competing machines.

If the price is well below the $400 mark as expected, this is a machine that should be a big hit, as Sovol machines are generally very good quality machines. I can’t wait to see this printer available and the first user feedback. We will update this article once the machine is available, with its final price.

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