Sovol SV05 : new direct drive 3D printer + a giveaway

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Sovol continues to expand its range of 3D printers, and announces the upcoming release of a new 3D printer, in a cubic format, with very interesting options (it is not a coreXY).

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Sovol SV05 (Official Store)

Presentation of the Sovol SV05

Like most of Sovol’s 3D printers, the SV05 is a direct drive printer. Aesthetically it looks like an Ender 5, but with many more options.

Despite its cubic shape, we could think that it is a CoreXY 3D printer, but not at all, it is actually a Cartesian, just like the Ender 5
. If you want to print at higher speed, this format is ideal, with a very stable structure, which limits vibrations, you can increase the printing speed, during my test of the Ender 5, I was able to double the speed of printing without any loss of quality, so it should be possible with the Sovol SV05!

The SV05 offers other very interesting options, such as a 32-bit motherboard, with silent drivers. It is equipped with a CR-Touch self-levelling sensor to make it easier to adjust the platter. There is also a belt tensioner on the X-axis, and as far as the platter is concerned, the SV05 is equipped with a flexible magnetic platter.

For the print size, you can print parts up to 220x220x300mm with the SV05, which is a bit bigger than an Ender 3 (on the height), the same size as an Ender 5.

The screen of the SV05 is relatively classic, similar to that of the first generation SV01, no touch screen, nor colour, we imagine that there will be perhaps in the future a Pro version with a little more attractive screen.

Concerning the price of this machine, on the product sheet it is announced at 299$ (with a crossed out price of 349$), this price is relatively interesting, considering the options offered by this machine, on paper it is largely worth this price.

Test of the Sovol SV05

We haven’t received this machine for testing yet, but like most of Sovol’s machines, I should be able to get my hands on this machine this year, so stay tuned if you are interested in this machine, the full SV05 test shouldn’t be too long!

My opinion on the SV05 for the moment is quite positive, I had already found the Ender5 very stable, and Sovol offers machines of very good quality, we still have a direct drive machine, which will allow you to easily print TPU flexible filament, and the other options of this machine are really very interesting (including the self-leveling sensor). This machine should be quite easy to handle, but it will probably not be pre-assembled, as it is so big, you will probably have to assemble the structure.

Contest to win the SV05!

To celebrate this new machine, Sovol proposes a contest to try to win it.
Don’t hesitate to participate by going to their website

Buy the Sovol SV05

Sovol SV05 (Official Store)

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