Sovol SV06 Plus, first test and pre-sale of the new Sovol large format printer

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After the success of the Sovol SV06 (Prusa type 3D printer), Sovol announces the release of its big sister the Sovol SV06 Plus, a 3D printer offering a larger printing volume of 300x300x340mm at a very interesting price.

I received a beta unit of this SV06 Plus, which is currently being tested, here is a first overview of this printer and my first prints.

The Early-bird pre-sale is announced for February 20th at 299$, for a machine offering very interesting features, attention this price is limited to the first 300, the official price excluding promotion will be 399$, delivery is scheduled for April.

Buy the Sovol SV06 Plus

Sovol SV06 Plus (Official Store)

Technical specifications of the Sovol SV06 Plus

  • Print area 300x300x340mm
  • Heating plate with flexible PEI textured magnetic surface
  • Direct drive extruder
  • Colour touch screen
  • Full metal hotend (up to 300°C)
  • Self-levelling sensor
  • 32bit motherboard with silent drivers
  • End of filament detector

Some visuals showing the features of the machine

Unpacking and assembly of the SV06Plus

The SV06 Plus is a pre-assembled 3D printer, as are most 3D printers in this range. The assembly is relatively easy and fast, it took me about 13min, everything is well detailed in the manual, a few screws and cables to connect.

First print with the Sovol SV06 Plus

Before launching your first print, you will have to launch the automatic calibration of the machine, starting with the adjustment of the Z axis, as well as the automatic levelling of the plate. The procedure is detailed and very simple via the touch screen in 2 clicks.

Once you have set up your platen, it is highly recommended to print a test model on the micro-SD card. Here is my first 3D print with the SV06 Plus, a small benchy!

No problem with this print, with yellow PLA+ from Sunlu, very good grip on the tray, and very good rendering.

Here is a 2nd model, also present on the SD card, also a very good rendering!

Using Prusa Slicer with the SV06 Plus

I use Prusa Slicer with all my 3D printers, my favourite Slicer!

For this first test I simply chose a profile for Creality CR10 Smart, already pre-configured on Prusa Slicer, this machine offering similar features (surface, direct drive, auto leveling).

No particular configuration, so I will print this file first, a balloon wall mount, with a layer height of 0.20mm, estimated time about 13 hours.

First print on the SV06 Plus with Prusa Slicer done successfully! Again with Sunlu PLA+. Very good result, so I will just keep this profile without modification for now.

Here is another print on the SV06 Plus, a small hoop of 30cm diameter, to test the levelling of the buildplate.

Good result too, with a good grip on the whole board, I was able to print this model about ten times in a row without any problem.

First opinion on the SV06 Plus

I received this machine a few weeks ago, as a beta tester, I unfortunately did not have enough time to do more printing tests, I will update this article as soon as possible!

So far no particular problems with this SV06 Plus, it’s a very easy to assemble machine that will be perfect for a beginner or advanced user who is looking for a machine that is immediately operational without any fiddling.

I like the improvements over its little sister the SV06, namely the print volume and the colour touch screen.

The benchy after assembly was perfect, with a very good grip on the plate, the flexible metal plate with its textured PEI surface is efficient.

The launch price of 299$ is really a good deal, it is rare to find today machines with a large printing volume and these advanced features under 300$, so if you are looking for a reliable machine, to start or to complete your 3D printer farm, this SV06 Plus is for me a very good choice!

Buy the Sovol SV06 Plus

Sovol SV06 Plus (Official Store)

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