Anycubic Chiron : CR-10 like ?

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Anycubic broadcast in April a teasing video illustrating large format 3D printed shoes in TPU. They seem to insist on the size of the object measuring more than 30cm. At the end of the video we quickly see the name of a Anycubic Chiron/Chrion product, which ends with “please wait”.

One might wonder if this is not an announcement for a new filament, a new flexible material easy to print? Or rather the announcement of a 3D printer capable of printing this big?

To date, no printer of the anycubic brand can print a 30cm piece (the video even says 305mm), so let’s imagine maybe it’s a CR-10 like made by Anhycubic?

I contacted Anycubic, who confirmed that a new 3D printer was well in preparation, it would normally be announced during June 2018 if there is no delay. I tried to find out more, without success, except a “Hahaha, will surprise you guys.”

If you dig a little deeper, you will find on a Chinese site a reference for a printer bearing this name marketed since May 25

Some features :

– Print area 400x400x450mm
– Ultrabase Pro 400x400mm
– Auto-leveling
– Extruder Titan
– Heated bed 24V (100°C max) / Extrusion max 260°C
– Color touch screen, same interface as Anycubic i3 Mega
– Dual Z-axis motor

Image print volume

The titan extruder in pictures

Multi-point self-leveling system

One thing is certain, currently the CR-10 is a great success, some Chinese brands have already released their clone (Geeetech, Tevo, Anet…).
This year Anycubic discreetly released a new FDM printer: the 4Max, and another SLA printer: the Photon. It was time they also released a larger format printer to compete with the CR-10.

As for the price, sold at around 630$, we are now looking forward to the official announcement, probably on their facebook page.

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