Anycubic Wash&Cure Plus test and promotion for the 6th anniversary of Anycubic!

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Before presenting the Wash&Cure Plus, the Anycubic shop via AliExpress has sent me a $10 off promotion code that you can apply in your basket. With this offer the final price is about 181€ (stock Spain).

Here is the code: SERIAL3D
valid until September 7th

A few months ago I introduced you to the Wash&Cure 2.0, one of Anycubic’s flagship products, an essential accessory if you have a resin printer.

Resin printers are becoming increasingly popular, with manufacturers offering larger and larger models at very attractive prices (the Anycubic Mono X for example), so it was essential to have suitable cleaning and post-processing machines, the Wash&Cure 2.0 being far too small.

Reseller Anycubic Wash&Cure PlusWash&Cure
Plus (AliExpress Official Store)
Promotion: from 2 to 7 September Code: SERIAL3D

Just like its little sister, the Wash&Cure Plus is a 2 in 1 machine, which allows you to clean your models, to remove resin residues, but also to finalize the polymerization thanks to a UV lamp and a turntable.

The Wash&Cure can clean parts up to 192x120x290mm, and cure parts up to 190x245mm.

Unpacking the Wash&Cure Plus

The Wash&Cure Plus is a pre-assembled machine, ready to use. The machine was very well protected in its box, and the materials used are of good quality, at first sight we are dealing with good stuff!

To use the cleaning function, plan to buy 2 large 5L cans of methylated spirits or isopropanol, for my part I used methylated spirits at 90°, which also works very well. You should avoid using water, even if you use waterwashable resin, it might work, but would probably not be as effective as alcohol (I haven’t tried it).

As you can see on the picture above, the container can hold up to 8,5L, unfortunately I only had a 5L can on hand, so I couldn’t fill it, but it can be enough if you want to clean in 2 times, by turning your room.

Using the Wash&Cure Plus cleaning mode

The Wash&Cure Plus is really simple to use, with a button to select wash or cure mode, and a dial to choose the treatment time and start (by clicking on it).

Its large basket will allow you to put several small models to be cleaned at the same time, but you can also install directly the tray of your resin printer on a support to perform the cleaning before taking off your part from the tray

The machine is a bit quieter than the Wash&Cure 2.0, you can hear the motor running, which seems to be much more powerful. It may not be obvious from a photo (below), but the vortex caused by the propeller seems to be much more efficient than the other machines I have tested, see what happens with 8L of alcohol!

To conclude on this first part and the cleaning mode, I am totally satisfied with the result, I can finally clean very large parts, the print below is about 20cm long and I still had some margin! The print that was still sticky before cleaning came out perfectly clean.

Using the Wash&Cure Plus curing mode

Let’s move on to the second function of this Wash&Cure Plus, the polymerisation, or UV curing. In resin printing, this step is necessary to make the model more solid, and to ensure that there is no more liquid resin on the surface

It is also very easy to use, you need to remove the alcohol container first (you can’t start the UV lamp with the tray), then install the turntable (which simply clips on), note that the UV lamps won’t turn on until you install the lid.

You just have to change the mode of the machine with the button on the left, by switching to the “cure” mode, install your model, close the lid and choose the time with the wheel located on the right of the control panel. And there you go, you can wait and make yourself a coffee!

A word of advice, wait until your part is dry (after cleaning) before starting the UV treatment, normally the alcohol should evaporate relatively quickly, but if you want to avoid having white marks on your model, dry it well!

I find it interesting that you can tilt the LEDs at the top of the UV ramp, this allows you to light the top of your model well.

Once the process is finished, all you have to do is paint your model!
For this test I did not remove the supports, but you can remove them before starting the UV treatment, depending on your preferences, I usually remove them.

Concerning the price, currently 181€ via AliExpress and the promo code SERIAL3D, this price is really very attractive, less expensive than the Wash&Cure first generation at its launch!

To conclude, overall this Wash&Cure Plus is a good product, after 2-3 cleaning tests on different models, it does the job! The only fault I could find with it is that it is a bit noisy (but powerful!).

If you already have a large format resin printer (or even a small one), you can buy this machine with your eyes closed! The tray holder is compatible with the Mono X, but also with other brands.

Reseller Anycubic Wash&Cure PlusWash&Cure
Plus (AliExpress Official Store)
Promotion -$10 from September 2 to 7

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