Test of the FLSUN QQ-s Pro: a very fast Delta 3D printer!

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If you are looking for a fast 3D printer, you need a Delta 3D printer, if you are looking for a fast and cheap 3D printer, you need a QQ-s Pro!
Today we are going to test this 3D printer, it is my first machine from the FLSUN brand, which I was able to get via the tomtop website (which I didn’t know either until now).

A little presentation of the FLSUN brand before I start!

FLSun is a Chinese brand of 3D printer that has been around since 2015. It was not very well known in Europe until now, but it is gradually starting to make a name for itself thanks to its Delta type 3D printers, which it has made its speciality!

Indeed if we look at the manufacturer’s catalogue, you will find only 3 machines, the FLSun Q5, the FLSun QQ-S Pro and the latest FLSun SR (Super Racer), all 3 Delta machines

It’s been a while since I last tested this type of machine (for almost 3 years), and I hadn’t yet had the opportunity to try this brand of which I had read quite good reviews.

About Tomtop

This machine comes from Tomtop warehouses, much less known than AliExpress and Amazon, and yet Tomtop is a very big seller of hightech products and especially 3D printers, they have warehouses in Europe and are often among the first to have stock on new products. I didn’t know Tomtop until now, and I was pleasantly surprised by the speed with which I received the machine, in less than 5 days from a German warehouse. The machine arrived perfectly packaged, and it is indeed a genuine product (I asked several brands, they work well in partnership with Tomtop and send them a lot of stock).

Features of the FLSun QQ-s Pro

  • Printing area: 255 (diameter) for 360mm height
  • Heated platen with ultrabase surface
  • Self-levelling sensor
  • Titan type bowden extruder
  • Colour touch screen
  • WiFi control (not tested)
  • 32bit motherboard with silent drivers
  • Micro SD card reader
  • Resume printing in case of a break

    Overall the features of this machine are interesting, there is a silent 32bit motherboard, and an auto-levelling sensor, quite advanced features not always found on entry level 3D printers. Its price is also quite interesting, around 300€ excluding promotions.

    Unpacking and assembly of the FLSun QQ-s Pro Delta

The box is much thinner than a Cartesian printer, and relatively light.

When unpacking, we notice that the machine is relatively well protected, all the electronic part is already pre-assembled, but there seems to be a little more assembly than a Cartesian 3D printer. In any case, the instructions are quite explicit, and it should not be a problem to assemble it. You receive a small 200g spool of white filament with this machine.

The assembly of the machine turned out to be easier than I thought, it takes about 30 minutes to assemble the machine, the most delicate part being to assemble the head on the rods, taking care to position the cables correctly, but nothing too complicated, it’s within the reach of everyone, even a non handyman!

Once assembled the machine seems quite stable, and the components of good quality, the belt tensioning system (the little knobs on top of the machine) are quite practical. Now we can see what this QQ-s Pro has under the bonnet and start our first impressions!

Before you start your first print, let’s adjust the platen!

This machine is equipped with a self-levelling sensor, but a bit different from what I’m used to seeing on other machines. No BL Touch on this Delta, it is indeed a specific sensor that you have to remove once the plate adjustment is done, it is not necessary to put the sensor back at each print, for my different print tests, I didn’t need to do it again, and I was able to make about 10 prints without any problem. The sensor is magnetic, very easy to install and remove, it’s a well thought out system, and also very accurate.

First print with the FLSun QQ-s Pro

You will find different models on the SD card, which I advise you to print before going any further. Here are my first impressions of this machine.

The rendering is rather clean, and the machine is relatively silent during the printing, and especially very fast! This machine is well functional, without any particular adjustment, and 30min after unpacking!

Slicer configuration for the FLSun QQ-s Pro

I usually use the Prusa Slicer, and it’s a good thing Prusa recently added the Delta machines from FLSUN!

We will not waste too much time on the slicer configuration, and we will take the default profile proposed by Prusa Slicer

Prints made with the FLSun QQ-s Pro via Prusa Slicer

Here is a small slideshow of the prints I was able to make, with a layer height of 0,20mm, and filaments from Sunlu (blue), Eryone (white), and Hiprecy (black). I was also able to make a print in vase mode, and the result is really good ! I made myself a little wastepaper basket that I use to throw away my little PLA scraps, this print is really rigid and solid.

I didn’t encounter any problems during these prints, and I also had a very good grip, this self-levelling sensor is very efficient, even when printing on the whole surface of the board.

To conclude on this FLSun QQ-s Pro

This was my first FLSUN machine, and I’m really happy with it. A few years ago you could often read that Delta machines were the most complex to use, but the FLSun QQ-s Pro is really easy to use, and suitable for beginners. I appreciate the quietness of the machine and the accuracy of the self-levelling sensor

The print volume is not huge but is more than enough for most purposes, if you like to print vases this machine is perfect, for a robust and very fast printing.

I would recommend this machine without hesitation, and regarding Tomtop you can also buy this machine without hesitation from this dealer

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