FYSETC Cheetah: a silent board for ender 3 at less than 25€!

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I presented you in a previous article the Silent Board Creality for ender3, a board with TMC drivers to make your Ender3 silent. Only the price of the card, about $50, or 1/4 of the price of the machine, is a problem.

There are of course alternative solutions, less expensive (MKS Gen L + TMC drivers), but you may not want to take the lead and are looking for an easier solution plug&play.

The Cheetah board may be the right card for you! Developed by the Chinese company FYSETC, the Cheetah is a silent board specially developed for the Ender 3 (also works for the Ender 3 pro and Ender 5). Sold for about 25€, which is barely the price of TMC drivers alone if you hesitated with a MKS Gen L + TMC drivers.

Equipped with TMC2209 drivers, its size is adapted to replace the original Ender3 card without any other modification. So it’s plug&play, you unplug the old card, reconnect the new Cheetah, and your Ender 3 is ready to print 🙂

Another particularity of this board, it is a 32bits board, unlike the original card (or even the Silent Board Creality) which is an 8bits card, the use of Marlin 2.0 is therefore mandatory for the Cheetah, 32bits cards can not work with a lower version (be careful, this firmware is not yet in final stable version).

Cheetah not only makes your ender3 silent, it also offers many extension connectors, so you can easily connect an autoleveling sensor (BL Touch, Touch Mi…), a filament end detector….

A firmware for the Ender3 is already installed, if you don’t have a BL Touch or BMG, you won’t have to do anything else.

If you want to get the interface in French, or install an autoleveling sensor, firmwares already compiled in.hex format are also available at this URL https://github.com/trouch/Marlin/blob/master/BUILDS.md

If you want to install one of these already compiled.hex files, you can flash the board using the FlyMCU software at this address: https://github.com/FYSETC/STM32Flasher (for windows)

Install another hex firmware on the Cheetah
The procedure is explained on the FYSETC WIKI : https://wiki.fysetc.com/Cheetah_Board/

You must:
– Select “Reset@DTR low(<-3v),ISP @RTS High” from the drop-down list below
– Choose the USB port at the top
– Choose the location of the hex file by clicking on the”…” in the “Code File For Online ISP” field
– Finally click on “Start ISP(P)

If you are on Mac or Linux, you will need to install stm32flash
And use a command of this type (replace ttyUSB0 with the correct value according to your machine):

 stm32flash -w firmware.hex -v -i rts,-dtr /dev/ttyUSB0

On paper this card looks perfect, but in use?
It must be said that when it was released, this board suffered from some youth problems, even if I didn’t encounter any printing problems during my first tests. These problems were mainly related to firmware and have since been fixed.

I made you a short video that shows the difference (sound) between the Cheetah and the original board.

You will notice that we now hear more than the fans, now all we have to do is find a good reference to replace the original ones!

If you are interested in this board, you can find it on Aliexpress

Do I recommend this product? Having also tested the official Creality silent board, the final result is the same (noise reduction), for a more interesting price and a more scalable card (32bits, more extension connectors…), so yes I recommend this card without hesitation!

For 25€, a little more than the price of a spool of filament, you will gain in comfort, it is a very interesting investment, even a beginner can easily install this board.

If you are an advanced user, you may prefer another solution like a MKS Gen L with TMC!

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