Elegoo Saturn (beta) : Presentation of the new XXL resin printer

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After the success of the Mars and Mars pro, Elegoo announced earlier this year the release of a larger model: the Saturn, priced at a maximum of $600

Before mass production, Elegoo sent 20 beta units to various testers to test the machine and give them feedback on this new product

I was lucky enough to receive one of these beta machines that I’m going to tell you about today. But beware, this version is not the final one, changes may be made before the release.UPDATE: Elegoo has since announced the final version, its price and has offered a series of machines for pre-order, see the end of the article]

it is true that resin printing provides extraordinary print quality compared to FDM printing, however one is ultimately frustrated by the small size of the platen on machines such as the Photon or Mars.

On the left is the Saturn plate, on the right the Mars Pro.

The community is clamouring for larger machines, they already exist, but at much higher prices, over 1000€ for entry level machines. So this announcement at $600 is really appreciated and the expectation is very high.

Presentation of the Elegoo Saturn
I remind you that the machine I was able to test is not a final version, some modifications may be made. So I won’t go into too much detail about the technical specifications.

Overall, the Saturn looks very similar to the Mars, with a printing surface of 19.2cm x 12.0cm and a height of 20.0cm (compared to 11.98cm x 6.8cm x 15.5cm for the Mars). It also has an ethernet port so you can send your prints to the printer via the network.
Despite this larger screen, the resolution is the same (2560*1440), so there will be a slight loss of quality compared to a Mars (smaller screen for the same resolution, with a finer print). Update, the final version will finally be equipped with a 4K monochrome screen].
The USB port is on the front compared to the Mars [Update, finally on the side on the final version].

On the software side, the machine is already referenced under Chitubox, except that the ethernet features are not yet implemented, the interface of the machine is also identical to the Mars.

First print with the Saturn
After setting up the tray with a sheet, I start printing a tower (Saturn version), this first print is successful. At first sight I don’t notice a loss of quality compared to the Mars, the writing on the top is clear.

For the second print, I use this model to check the finer details, I do notice a slightly less smooth surface compared to the Mars. Update, with the new 4k screen this should not be the case anymore].

Then we move on to the XXL model printing!
21 hours of printing in 0.05 (8sec per layer), for a total height of 188mm, I am bluffed by the result! It’s really nice to be able to print so large on a resin printer.

And here is the printing of a figurine, about 12 hours of printing.

For a beta machine I am pleasantly surprised by the quality of printing and the finish of this machine. This volume of printing offers new possibilities, and should convince many users reluctant to the small size of machines like the Mars or the Photon. The disadvantage is that a large stock of resin will be needed, preferably 1L bottles. I can’t wait to see the final version of this machine, and I hope that Elegoo will respect its commitment on the announced price!

Update, price announced and pre-order available!
Elegoo has just made the final version of this Saturn official, with a very important announcement concerning the type of screen used, which will finally be a 4k resolution LCD, monochrome!
The 4K resolution means that there is no loss of quality compared to the 2K screen of the Mars/Mars Pro.

The use of a monochrome panel also allows a much faster printing compared to an RGB screen, the announced gain is 2 to 3 times faster. Indeed, the exposure time can be reduced to 2-3 seconds per layer, compared to 7-9sec per layer with standard resin on the Mars.

The other advantage is also the lifespan of these screens, also multiplied by 4, we will be able to print on average 2000h against 500h for a colour screen on a Mars. As for the price of the replacement screen, Elegoo was able to tell me the price, which would be less than 100$.

Finally, concerning the pre-order of this machine, and its price, the Saturn is proposed at only 400$ ! For the first 3000 units (the machines were all sold in less than 5min).

We can hope to see the Saturn available on Amazon, in November 2020, at a price between 500 and 600€.

A little more patience then… large format resin printing is finally becoming accessible thanks to this Saturn.

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