Review Creality CR-10 V2 and installation of a BL Touch

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After the success of the CR-10 and CR-10S, Creality now proposes since a few months a revision of their CR-10 series, the V2 (for version 2). Creality sent me a machine so that I can test it and give my opinion.

I had already been able to test the CR-10 2 years ago, and I was satisfied with it, this machine had been a great success, before the release of its little sister the Ender3 which has become even more popular since then.

Creality had then released an improved version of this CR-10, the “S” version, which was equipped with a double motor for the Z axis, a filament end detector and the print resumption in case of cut.

Since then, the CR-10 range had not seen any further development, while the competition was offering machines with new features at ever more attractive prices. Creality therefore had to react and update its CR-10 range.

Creality was inspired by the improvements of the community to propose this version 2, with always the same improvements as the S version, and the following upgrades :
– New Creality 2.5.2 motherboard with TMC2208 (silent)
– Triangular reinforcement for better stability
– Power supply 24v 350w
– Bowden metal extruder
– Cooling of the printing area with a double ventilator
– Ultra Basic Tray
– Abandoning the “drawing pliers” to hold the tray, with a new integrated clip system (very practical)

To consult the complete data sheet of this machine, go directly to the official store.

The official selling price is $499, or about 450€, a relatively correct price for this volume of printing.

The CR-10 V2 is well equipped with a silent motherboard, but is not equipped with a BL Touch for autoleveling, but Creality offers a BL Touch upgrade kit easy to set up, they have already pre-wired the BL Touch so you can easily install it without disassembling the machine, the firmware with the pre-configured BL Touch is also available directly on Creality’s website. I also received this upgrade kit, which I will talk about in more detail in this article.

In the same way, Creality has also provided an upgrade kit for users who prefer to be in direct drive, rather than bowden, so you will find directly on their website a titan upgrade kit specially designed for the CR-10 V2.

Of course you are free to make the modifications of your choice on this machine, most of the upgrades initially planned for the CR10S should work on this V2, we underline Creality’s effort to offer these turnkey kits, which is reassuring and easy for beginners users.

Last small improvement on this CR 10 V2, before unpacking, is the abandonment of the micro-SD format to switch to the standard SD format (large format), it’s a small detail, but personally I always found the micro-SD format too fragile/too small, many users had actually modified their CR10/S to switch to this format.

Now let’s unbox the machine!

It is a machine already pre-assembled, with all the electronics in a separate box, some will appreciate, others less… if you prefer the structures with integrated electronics, you will have to turn to the Pro version, more expensive, but without a separate box! The advantage of having a separate case, is to be able to put the printer in a box (for ABS printing for example) and keep the electronic part cool, out of the box.

We find all the usual accessories to start, count about 30min to be “ready to print”, the assembly is really easy.

Before starting the first print, you will have to check all the eccentrics of the machine, and adjust the height of the platen with the help of a sheet of paper, you will find many videos illustrating this procedure.

Please note that Creality has replaced the plastic extruder by a metal version, which looks much stronger!

For the first printing test, a money cat already present on the SD card, the rendering is really clean.

Other example models are also present on the card, here are the results, I did not encounter any particular problem on these 3 first impressions, I could during these impressions note the effectiveness of the silent drivers! This CR-10 V2 is really silent during the printing, it’s very appreciable.

Next print, before installing the BL Touch, I wanted to try the flatness of the board before installing the BL Touch, and it works very well !

It is true that when you have got used to adjusting the bed with the help of a sheet of paper, if your bed is flat, you won’t especially need a BL Touch, after the BL Touch will simplify your task, especially if you are a beginner.

Let’s move on to the installation of the BL Touch

The kit sold by Creality is indeed an official kit, made by antclabs, here is a small video illustrating the contents of the kit.

I’m not going to detail the installation procedure, Creality has made a video tutorial to install this kit on the CR-10 V2.

The installation is quite simple, after removing the protective cover located at the motor of the extruder, you will have access to the connector provided for the BL Touch, then you will have to iron the cable cleanly in the sheath up to the head, and fix the BL Touch with the metal support provided, then flash the printer with a firmware provided directly on Creality’s website, finally you will have to calibrate your Z-offset and you will be ready to use your BL Touch!

Attention for the calibration of the Z-offset, don’t crush too much for the first try, you could scratch the plate, better to be too high at the beginning, and go down gradually!

Remember to add in your g-code the instruction “G29” just after the instruction “G28”, this will perform the tray test just before starting the printing.

Once the BL Touch is installed, here are some results of my “first layers” obtained, it’s super clean !

Some complete prints made with the BL Touch

In conclusion, this CR-10 V2 is an interesting improvement of the CR-10 range, I appreciate the silence of this machine, and also its printing results. It’s a pity that the BL Touch is not installed in series, but we notice that it also works very well without it.

A triangle support kit is provided with the machine, you will have noticed that I did not install it, not having found the need for it for the moment, it is surely useful if you print very high parts, something I have not done yet.

I found the tray grip provided with the machine excellent, I have since printed more than 200 hours with this machine and I have never encountered any problem of grip, maintenance level it is enough to clean it with 99% IPA alcohol avoiding touching the tray too much with the fingers.

I also have the titan kit to try in direct drive, but I find for the moment the full metal bowden extruder very efficient, it’s a very good improvement compared to the old CR-10S for which this part was made of plastic and often criticized, it will be the subject of a future test!

If you’re interested in this machine, I would rather advise you to visit the official website, because some dealers like banggood don’t always respect the delivery time and you won’t get the manufacturer warranty directly from Creality.

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