Ender 3 v2 : Test and reviews + Christmas giveaway to win this printer!

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In 2020 Creality released several new machines, some of which are evolutions of their previous generations, the Ender3 V2 is one of them.
AliExpress Creality Official Store sent me this machine, which I decided to give you as a Christmas gift after testing it! (more info at the end of the article).

If you want to buy this machine, AliExpress (Europe & US) sent me a promotional code, from -16€, which brings the price down to about 180€ (Stock Spain or Poland), so if you want to buy a 3D printer for Christmas enjoy it! Code : CREALITY12

Resellers for Ender3 V2
AliExpress (Europe & US)
Code -16€ : CREALITY12

Machine features and improvements (differences between Ender3 Pro and Ender3 v2)

You may be hesitating between the Ender3/Pro and the Ender3 v2, as Creality continues to sell the old version which remains very popular. The price difference is notable, the Ender3 Pro being sold for about 190$ (155€) and the Ender3 v2 sold on the official website for 262$ (about 215€), so the current AliExpress (Europe & US) offer with the 180€ coupon is really a very good price!

Concerning the improvements of the Ender3 v2 compared to the old generation :
– New silent motherboard with TMC2208 drivers
– Belt tensioners for X and Y axis
– Tray type Ultrabase
– Color screen with new UI interface
– Integrated tool storage box

So these improvements are not negligible, it is indeed cheaper than the Ender3 Pro if you plan to change the motherboard to make it silent (these cards are usually sold between 30 and 50$).

Unboxing and assembly of the Ender 3 v2

The machine is well packaged and the components seem to be of quality, the finish is one level above a classic Ender3, we notice that the power supply is now integrated into the chassis.

The supplied tray is an ultrabase type, contrary to the Ender3 Pro which offers a magnetic/flexible builtak tray, I like this type of ultrabase tray which works very well, to easily take off your cold prints, but be careful at the first use, not to have the nozzle too close to the tray otherwise you might scratch it!

For this test, I won’t use the Creality tray provided with the machine, to keep it “new” because this machine will be offered for the Christmas contest (see the end of the article for details)! So I’ll use a flexible metal tray from Sovol (which I won’t glue either), which is another 3D printer manufacturer that also offers some accessories for 3D Creality printers.


The Ender 3 v2, just like the other machines of the Ender series, is a partially assembled machine, it will be necessary to assemble the X and Z axes, if you are a beginner don’t panic, it is not very complicated, count about 1 hour by looking carefully at the documentation or a tutorial on Youtube, all the electronic part is already assembled inside the chassis.

Calibration and first print with Ender3 v2

Before starting your first print, it is imperative to adjust your tray, otherwise it may be damaged/scratched on the first print!

The procedure is relatively simple, it is preferable to do it with the tray preheated to 50-55°. Using a sheet of paper, you will have to check if the nozzle is at the right height for the 4 corners as well as the center of the tray, you must leave about 0.10mm of space, equivalent to the thickness of the sheet of paper (the sheet must be able to move freely, with a very slight resistance).

Once the tray is set, you will find example models to print on the micro-SD card, to be inserted directly into the printer (it is not necessary to connect the printer to a computer, it will be autonomous).

I strongly advise you to print a test model before starting with your own files, this will allow you to make sure that the machine is working properly.

Here is the first printout made with the Ender3 v2, the result is really very clean !

Slicer Configuration for Ender 3 v2

I’m used to using the Prusa Slicer, which I find really easy to use, with a minimum of adjustment… plus they’ve recently added some Creality brand machines, including a profile for the Ender3.

So here is my configuration :

I didn’t change anything from the original profile, we’ll see what happens!

First “real” prints

It’s time to make the first real print with the Creality Ender 3 v2, I’m pretty confident!

The rendering is really very clean, for a first “real” impression, this Ender3 v2 has some under the hood! I used PLA+ from Sunlu, with a layer height of 0.20mm at 200°C.

So we’ll keep these settings, there’s really nothing to adjust.

Here are the other prints made with this machine.
Black filament PLA Hiprecy at 200°C, White filament Creality at 200°C, Blue filament PLA Tianse at 200°C. All made with a layer height of 0.20mm.

Conclusion on Ender 3 v2

After about 40 hours of printing, here is the verdict for this machine!
I immediately want to compare it again with the old generation, it’s true that it was time to update this Ender 3 which has been released now more than 2 years ago. Most of the users today are looking for machines easy to use, and not too noisy, and it is well the case for this new Ender3 v2, I had no particular difficulty for the assembly, nor for the use, the machine is ready to use in 1 or 2 hours.

It’s relatively silent, and not hearing that strident sound linked to the old generation of motherboard drivers is really nice, too bad they didn’t make the effort to put fans a little quieter too.

I would also have liked to have some stronger “orange” springs under the board. Otherwise it’s a good evolution, I appreciate the belt tensioners, the integration of the power supply and the new design of the printhead cage, which gives it a slightly more upscale printer image.

Concerning the print quality, nothing to say, it’s really very clean, I get almost the same print quality as with the Creality CR6-SE, so if you hesitate between these 2 models, and you have a tight budget, you can choose this Ender3 v2 without any worries!

If you want to buy this machine, still during this christmas period, don’t hesitate to order it from the seller AliExpress (Europe & US) Creality Official Store, the coupon code CREALITY12 is still valid for a few days, for a final price of 180€ delivered from Europe, it’s really a good offer!

Resellers for Ender3 V2
AliExpress (Europe & US)
Code promo -16€ : CREALITY12

Christmas giveaway to win this machine!

This year I received a lot of machines to test, thanks to all these partners who trust me, it’s also a little thanks to you, and so I decided this year to make you win this machine, freshly tested, of which I took the greatest care (we will try to put it back in the original box without disassembling everything, to save you time).

To participate, I invite you to read the publication with all the details on our Facebook page.


So there are 3 chances to win, by commenting in different places (facebook and youtube), but if you read this article fully), I offer you a 4th chance to win, by simply commenting this article 🙂 All entries are cumulable !

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