Anycubic Wash&Cure 2.0 Machine test and big promotion from 15 to 17 March!

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If you have an Anycubic or other brand of resin printer, you probably don’t like the long and tedious post processing part. This wash&cure is for you!

Before going further in this review, find below a promotional offer that will take place from March 15th to 17th 2021, starting at 9:00 am, the Wash&Cure 2.0 for only 99$ !

Reseller Anycubic Wash&Cure 2.0
Wash&Cure 2.0 (AliExpress Official Store)
Promotion: from March 15th to 17th only at 99$ !

See also the unboxing and the working of the Wash&Cure in this video.

About the Wash&Cure

The wash&cure 2.0 is a 2 in 1 machine, which allows you to clean 3D printed parts with a resin printer, but also to finalize the polymerization thanks to a UV lamp and turntable. If you have a resin printer, the cleaning phase can be long manually, and once your model is cleaned, you will also have to put it under a UV lamp to harden it definitively. This machine is therefore a very useful accessory that will simplify your life!

In cleaning mode, a propeller at the bottom of the tank rotates at high speed to create a vortex, with the mechanical effect of the vortex to remove the remaining resin from the part. In UV mode, a turntable will rotate the model to be exposed to a 405nm UV LED strip, this will cure the model permanently.

What is the difference between the Wash&Cure and the Wash&Cure 2.0?

These machines are very similar, the main difference is in the basket and the fixing system of the tray, otherwise globally you will get the same result and the same functionality between these 2 machines, moreover we hardly find version 1 on sale anymore, Anycubic thus privileging this new model.

Using the machine

After unpacking the machine, you will need to fill the tray with an alcohol-based cleaning product, you can choose between isopropanol, 90% methylated spirits, household alcohol or bioethanol. It is not advisable to use water-based products, as they are less effective and can only lead to oxidation of the propeller bearings at the bottom of the tank.

I used methylated spirits, which is not necessarily the best product because it smells very strong, but it is still very effective! Allow between 3 and 3.5L of product

To clean your model, you can either put the tray directly on the basket, or put the model directly in the basket. The basket is perfectly suited for the Photon S tray, but also works very well with the Elegoo Pro tray.

The left button on the machine allows you to choose the operating mode, either the cleaning mode “Wash” or the UV mode “Cure”, you can then use the right button to turn it to choose the time (up to 10min) and press to start the operation!

In cleaning mode the machine will do several cycles by changing the direction of rotation of the propeller at the bottom of the tray.

In UV mode, a tray built into the machine will rotate the model, and the UV LEDs will light up (with the machine cover closed).

I invite you to watch the video at the beginning of the article to see how the machine works!

Here are some pictures of the machine in UV mode.

A small preview of a part before and after treatment (note the printed part on the left lacked support, the one on the right has been reprinted, but I forgot to take a picture!)

Before the treatment the part was still full of resin and quite sticky. The part on the right was cleaned for about 7 minutes, I then let the part air dry for about an hour, before putting it in the UV for about 5 minutes. The result is that the piece is perfectly clean and no longer sticky at all!

To conclude

This machine is really essential in my opinion for resin printing, it will save you precious time, and its price is relatively affordable.

The tray is relatively large, holding up to 3.5L of product, this may be a bit tight if you have a larger printer such as a Mono X for example, but directly into the tray, in 2 batches, you should be able to get through most parts. The lid of the tray keeps the product odourless.

I recommend this machine without hesitation! Don’t hesitate to take advantage of the March promotion before it’s out of stock!

Reseller Anycubic Wash&Cure 2.0
Wash&Cure 2.0 (AliExpress Official Store)
Promotion: from March 15th to 17th only at 99$ !

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